HRMS Solutions








HRMS solution is a dynamic cloud-based system serving the market from a decade and trusted by 250+ customers in GCC and Middle East market.

It covers the entire spectrum of HRM functions from recruitment through retirement.

The solution is comprehensive, simple to use and cost effective. It eliminates the hassle of paper-based HR activities and centralized digitally for multiple branches/locations within the company.

It offers an end to end centralized HR operation automation system which integrates with the Payroll and Self-Service Modules seamlessly. It is available on cloud, on-premises and posses mobile-friendly access.

HRMS Recruitment Module enables you to build up and source from a qualified, global pool of internal and external talent. Applicant-tracking and reporting functions. This automated section helps the HR manager to pick out appropriate resumes from loads of submitted resumes and properly plan recruitment process. It help organize the processing of job applications and monitor the effectiveness of the recruitment function. 

  • Managing all interview related steps easily and professionally
  • Post vacancy, classify and store resumes for easy retrieval
  • Flawlessly tracking of candidates who come through recruitment
  • Managing all interview related steps easily and professionally

Third Party Integration

We have integrated our HRMS system with leading ERP system at more than 100 places.