LV Switchgear





Low-voltage electrical distribution products and systems

Power Busways

Canalis power busways can harness every level of a power distribution system, in whatever building, from offices to heavy-duty industrial sites. Its flexibilty allows users to quickly plug in and out machines, or other appliances, and to easily reconfigure their distribution architecture.

Air Circuit Breakers – ACBs

MasterPact air circuit-breakers (ACBs) protect the largest LV lines, carrying currents up to 6300 A. They can be used for source coupling or changeovers. To all high-level electrical professionals, MasterPact sounds like a saga of innovative breakthroughs. Experience full connectivity of the latest generation, Masterpact MTZ, with embedded algorithms enabling ever-higher energy reliability and efficiency.

Digitized Motor Starters

Our Digitized Motor Starters are designed to switch, protect, and manage motors and other electrical loads up to 80 Amps in an electrical control panel. Our Starters have smart motor management system. When associated with a short circuit protection device and a contactor,