Motors & Drives





IEC Low Voltage Motors

With our expertise and comprehensive portfolio of low voltage motors we help you to improve reliability, energy efficiency and productivity of your processes. You also get life-cycle services that add value for your operations and optimize your cost of ownership.

Our wide range of low voltage AC induction motors are suitable for all industries and applications and they fulfill all international and national efficiency regulations. 

Food safe motors unaffected by washdown

“For comparison purposes we also tested a standard painted aluminum motor. This motor started to deteriorate very quickly. The paint on the housing blistered and flaked off, and the shaft and other steel components suffered severe corrosion. Washdown chemicals penetrated both the terminal box and the main housing, causing short circuits between the phases and ground. 

Start saving energy with OQTAVE IE5 SynRM motors

Offering high reliability and ultra-premium efficiency, OQTAVE synchronous reluctance IE5 motors save energy, reduce power bills and cut emissions across a broad range of applications. They are a drop-in replacement for induction motors, and the payback time is often less than one year.


The Drive Behind Water-Cooled Motors

Peter Svartsjö at OQTAVE discusses the benefits of water-cooled motors for marine applications that require megawatt levels of power, including space saving, increased energy efficiency and reduced maintenance needs.


General purpose drives

Take charge of control and energy saving. Enjoy the plug and play motor control convenience, straight from the box. When you are looking for simplicity and intelligence in a self-contained solution, general purpose drives cover your options wisely. Wherever your business needs are, our globally renowned reliability and service easily matches your requirements.

Our general purpose drives offer you:

  • Drives with all the essential features built-in, simplifying drive selection, installation and use.
  • Intuitive user interfaces for quick drive setup and commissioning.
  • Built-in features for energy efficiency helping you save and manage energy.
  • Wide availability via OQTAVE value provider network.