Cooling Solutions





Precision Cooling

We comprehend the vital role of cooling in data center which has direct relationships to your business criticality and cost behind it, our manufacturers R&D and OQTAVE team skills safeguard these costs and we tailor the solution fit to environment and customer needs. Temperature & Humidity management in data center is extremely important to maintain the functionality of the equipment. Having an excess of warm air and humidity within your data center can create a financial burden for your business that can be avoided. In today’s world cooling technology has improved and with high efficiency equipment ensuring energy saving and high agility of complete system.

Hot & Cold Aisle Arrangement

OQTAVE offers hot and cold aisles with sustainable temperatures & humidity in data centers. Without separating hot and cold aisles, the air within the data center experience “mixing” called air-short-circuiting, which creates high inefficiency and drain energy. With air mixing, the equipment does not have the opportunity to be submerged in the optimal temperature that it needs to function. The hot/cold isle method is implemented by positioning racks so that the lanes are divided by hot aisles and cold aisles.


Our proposed Hot & Cold aisle containment solution offers high efficiency which isolate hot & cold air-mix and increase massive savings. Also, it results less maintenance required for IT equipment within data center but also offer long age of hosted equipment. In containment, HVAC units can perform more efficiently. For this system, the hot air should be monitored to ensure that the hot aisle is not over-extended.

Pumped Refrigerant

This method pumps chilled water through a heat exchanger and utilizes a cold pumped refrigerant to draw out the heat. The Pumped Refrigerant technique provides savings since it has the capacity to transmit energy from servers and it allows for humidification to be greatly reduced

Indirect Air Evaporation System

An alternative and highly efficient solution that we propose to our customers but quite rarely used within warm countries, in this technique, an air-duct that is connected to an indirect air evaporative cooler is utilized. This method is energy efficient and uses weather from the outdoors to cool the facility at times when it is cooler than the temperature inside. This air is used to add cold air to the airflow within the data center.

Free Cooling

Free cooling is a cost-effective way to ensure that your data center’s temperature flow is properly functioning. When this technique is used, the cooling used are minimalistic and reduce the overall expenditures for cooling. This method consists of two systems known as air-side economization and water-side economization. Air-side economization uses air from the outdoors to regulate the equipment’s coolness.

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