PACT ERP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is serving the GCC, Pakistan and other part of the world since 1998. PACT is robust ERP system, you can efficiently manage and automate your operations including, Back office Accounting, Inventory, Sales Management, Procurement, HRMS, Project Management, Real Estate operation, Manufacturing and Warehouse. 

PACT is highly customizable to cater all major business environment from small, medium or large in size. PACT ERP is fully Compliant with GCC and World’s VAT Regulation. It is available off-the-shelf for rapid deployment and upgrade.

The existing customers of PACT ERP located in UAE, KSA & Pakistan have been upgraded to fully VAT enabled version. PACT functional consultants are having hands on experience on VAT based implementations and available locally / onsite to assist our customers.

Product for all Verticals


PACT RevenU Comes in Three Versions…



  • Financial Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Basic Payroll
  • Standard Reports



  • Financial Budgeting
  • Retail Management
  • Asset Management
  • Production
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Workflow


Standard +

  • Real Estate Management
  • Property Management
  • HR
  • CRM
  • Mobile MIS (Optional)
  • Report / Form Writter

Industry Expertise

Our dedicated team has vast understanding and experience on the following methods of successful Implementation



Retail Management


PACT Retail Management brings a new level of automation to the retail sales process. PACT POS is integrated with back-office VAT enabled accounting, Customer Loyalty Program, Inventory, Order management, Procurement Management and warehouse modules to give you the control you need to operate your retail business more efficiently. POS system is a one stop solution for all retails businesses like Hyper markets, super markets, fashion stores, hardware & electronics, restaurants etc.

  • Multi Retail store connectivity.
  • Customer loyalty program.
  • Till/counter management.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Split payment handling.
  • Scheme & offers creation.
  • Seamless integration with VAT enabled accounts.
  • Split payment handling.
  • Scheme & offers creation.
  • Warranty tracking.
  • Available on Mobile / Smart Tabs.

Trading & Distribution


Evolve your Trading and distribution / FMCG business with PACT RevenU ERP. It is proven and specialized solution for this vertical and fully integrated with VAT compliant accounting module.

PACT RevenU ERP is precise tools to efficiently strategize, assemble, distribute and deliver the goods to your customers, on their demand. The PACT FMCG / Distribution solution makes it very easy to manage clients, increase sales, improve product profitability, and measure effectiveness of sales promotions and marketing.

  • Automated sales & purchase processes.
  • Dynamic – reorder management.
  • Bin/batch – wise inventory management.
  • Unlimited pricing modules.
  • Seamless integration with VAT enabled accounts.
  • Mobile App for Van Sales & Order booking.
  • Available on Cloud / Desktop / Mobile.



Drive profitable growth with PACT Revenu ERP for Contracting & Construction companies and builders. We cover everything from resource and material costing to project management and HR.

PACT RevenU ERP provides visibility across your business leading to increased transparency and control of all activities, resource management, cost variance and monitoring all aspects of projects, streamlining work processes and closure. It helps in organizing your human resources by managing timesheets and leave management along with payroll & compensation. Easily manage material, warehouse, issue material for project, receipt and billing. Accurate VAT enabled financial visibility through tracking of each financial transaction going through multiple accounting processes with little or no human intervention.

  • Project base P&L.
  • BOQ definition/project cost estimation.
  • Milestone tracking.
  • Progressive billing.
  • Material management & equipment tracking.
  • Project wise Labour and Material analysis.
  • HR & Payroll (Project wise timesheet tracking).
  • Fully integrated with VAT enabled Accounting module.
  • Project wise inventory tracking.



Real Estate


PACT real estate management is complete ERP system integrated with VAT enabled back office accounting, Fixed Asset, Facility Management, Maintenance management, inventory and CRM. Real Estate module a single, integrated database provides complete transparency, accurate analytics, and detailed property management reports including vacancy and tenancy reports. This helps property owners and managers to make more informed decisions based on consistent real-time views of their properties. Real estate Management module streamlines real estate investment management operations, analytics, and financial reporting.

  • Properties, inquiries, customers, transection etc manage everything in one place.
  • Tenant management & tracking.
  • Lease & maintenance management.
  • Tenancy Contract management.
  • generation of follow up activities
  • Billing & invoices.
  • Late fee calculation.
  • Report customization Alerts & notifications.

Production Management


Production Management in PACT Provides planning, control and execution of all aspects of a production environment. Production departments can determine exactly what they need to produce, what quantity has to be produced and how much raw materials need to be purchased for a successful completion of a sales order. A key feature of production management solution is the ability to define a multi-level / multi stage BOM for multi-process production which can be linked to a single batch for a multi stage production. In addition different batch sizes can be defined for each BOM.

  • Multiple level BOMS.
  • Batch Wise consumption Analysis.
  • Shortfall Reports.
  • Estimated vs Actuals Analysis.
  • Stage wise production Analysis.
  • Standard Costing / Production costing.
  • Requirements Analysis bases on BOM or BATCH.
  • Work in Progress Reporting.
  • Manpower & Machine requirement and usage.
  • Other MIS reports.



PACT CRM is a Comprehensive tool that organizes sales force and process management for a varied number of different organization structures. It helps businesses gain insight into the behavior of their customers. PACT CRM assists sales teams to manage their opportunities and automate administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on building long lasting  relationship. It provides in-depth insight to sales and marketing activities, which can be filtered by various dimensions including product, customer, time duration and market segments etc.

  • 360 views of customer’s detail.
  • Automate schedules, sales & marketing tasks.
  • Highly customizable data entry screen.
  • Centralize customer informations.
  • Enable responsive customer service.
  • Real-time analysis of individual, contact, lead, opportunities contract & cases.
  • Provides Business intelligence.
  • Effective – sales forecasting.
  • Detail tracking of campaigns.
  • Generation of follow up activities.



PACT (HR) Module delivers the capabilities needed to create a competitive advantage for business success. It is comprehensive and flexible to provide solution to all core issues related to employee management, starting from job position to final settlement. PACT payroll module enables organization to define and manage divers payroll requirements and that reflect their company policies and regulations. It gives complete freedom of defining earnings, deductions, loan and leaves, The parameters to calculate each earning and deduction can be configured.

  • Employee profile management.
  • Site wise/Job-wise, Job card entry.
  • Daily payroll entry.
  • Appraisal Report.
  • Salary analysis.
  • Salary deduction report.
  • Loan & advance.
  • End of service benefits.